Default font for fingering

• Mar 7, 2015 - 08:41

The default font for fingering should be something like Georgia, size 9, and bold.
As it is now is just wrong.
Just pick a random sheet music you have and compare with MS.


I don't know that there is a whole lot of right and wrong about this - different editors do this differently, and it likely depends on whether you are primarily looking at piano, guitar, or other music. But Elaine Gould does recommend bold in "Behind Bars" for piano music at least, and we do now how separate text styles for piano and guitar fingering, so if guitarists prefer to keep the fingering smaller / lighter, that could be done. I suspect logistics are what steered us to making is a bit smaller/lighter in MuseScore - our default layout has perhaps not been good enough to get away with larger bolder fingerings without causing problems. Maybe now it is worth trying?

"Georgia", BTW, is as far as I know a proprietary font found on Windows only, so that's not going to be the default in MuseScore. "FreeSerif" is the open source alternative we include and use. But you are welcome to change that in the your own default style (save style file, specify as default in Edit/ Preferences / Score).

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Georgia seems, in my opinion, like an unusual and actually impractical choice even were it not proprietary, as the numerals aren't of uniform height and some even descend below the baseline. Of course, I recognize that what's deemed most effective and appealing is a matter of individual taste and personal assessment.

For what it's worth, I like MScoreBC for my Fingering text style. I use MuseScore to re-engrave scores of mostly 19th century piano music, and the numerals in MScoreBC emulate the typefaces used for fingerings by G. Schirmer and other top publishers of the pre-digital era. Those classic engraving practices coincide with my own preferences, though I do set the fingerings in a slightly larger font - 10 pt. - for enhanced legibility.

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You're very welcome! It has the comfort of the familiar for me, and it suits my purposes with MuseScore - though I don't think I could make a convincing argument that it's the most 'readable'. (I honestly have no idea which typefaces would be the favored candidates for legibility or if they could even be judged objectively according to that criterion.)

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