Crash when trying to create parts

• Mar 10, 2009 - 00:34

New user, fresh install of 9.4 on Windows XP w Service Pack 3.
Scored a quintet. I was able to create the first part Okay and save to .pdf. However, when I try to create any other parts, I get the "Program has encountered unexpected error and must close." This has happened multiple times. Rebooted and reopend - no joy.

Symptom (or additional problem): When I reload MuseScore after the crash, I notice that several of my lines for first and second endings are now anchored to the start of the piece, not where they were originally dropped. If I close and reload piece without trying to create parts, anchors remain where they belong.

Any suggestions?


If you have slurs in your score it can cause a crash in 0.9.4 when you create parts. This particular bug is fixed in the prereleases for the next version of MuseScore (see 14 Feb of ChangeLog )

I am not familiar with the lines for first and second endings moving. Let us know if it still happens using the prerelease.

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Yes, I did have numerous slurs and ties in my quintet score.
I just downloaded and installed the latest pre-release Revision 1619.
Tried to create first part from quintet. New tab shows up, but when I click tab error message reads "The application had requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way." (crash) With no apparent way to get additional error information

If there is anything I can download and send that would give you a clue, please let me know.

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After a little trial and error testing it looks like having 1st and 2nd endings display on every staff causes the crash. I kept the volta on the top staff but removed rest and now MuseScore creates the parts without any issues. It even adds the volta to each part.

Note: I am using r.1619 prerelease. I did not test it with the 0.9.4 stable release.

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Thank you. I will get back to it this weekend.
It sounds like an issue/observation that should be passed to the documentation team, to only put the volta (1st and 2nd endings) on the top staff of the score, not on individual part staff's. Once stated, that makes sense, but is not obvious on first usage.

I have to wonder if there are other potential issues with similar characteristics (entered once on a score, not individual parts). Sounds like some potential documentation "opportunities", once identified.

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Just confirming that removing Volta (1st and 2nd endings) from individual parts in the score did correct the issue.

I did take the time to look at the documentation again, and it does not address the issue (for multi part scores, only putting the volta on the top part.) How can we make sure the documentation team has that information for their next update? And are there additional issues with similar characteristics that should be noted in the documentation?

Thanks again for your help.
I like the product so far and hope to see it grow.

PS - I never enjoyed writing documentation for my code either. (Corporate AR and AP - yuk)

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Perhaps what should be noted in documentation are those features when, placed on the top part of a score, will replicate in all subsequent parts in the score.

The "top part" only is an excellent feature. It should be properly noted in the documentation in some manner.

The documentation might even include a table showing/discussing what needs to be done only once, (on the top part) and what will NOT replicate. The inclusions / exclusions might not be apparent to a new user, and could save a lot of time - and a lot of questions to developers.

That table sounds like notes I occasionally leave in my code comments for later developers.

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