Measure problem

• Mar 18, 2009 - 23:01

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Select measure 5
Delete Measure 5
From measure 12 is wrong
Thanks in advance.
Very nice de new export functions and the rest of the extensions! Great program for which many thanks!!!!

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It looks like there is a problem with every 3/2 measure even before you delete anything. Do you see the extra bar line going through the measure?

The question is how the measures got like that in the first place. Are you able to reproduce this in a new score? MDMilford encountered a similar problem but I haven't encountered this with my own scores and haven't been able to reproduce the problem started with a new score.

Jaap Plaisier
Mar 20, 2009 - 00:39

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Hi David,
The first score is no longer usable. The wrong measures can not deleted. I created now a new score, then is it problem solved... :-( ;-)
In the new score:
When I input the a note a little bit next, then crash program. (vista / 1644)
At the beginning of the measure that is sometimes difficult.
When playing then, the cursor is not always easy and sometimes stops playing. Further works it fine...
Many thanks for all your input!

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Your original score is useable/repairable.

  1. Select the faulty measure and copy it
  2. Ctrl+click to select measure and delete it (see delete heading of Measure operations )
  3. Insert new measure to replace the old
  4. Add 3/2 time signature
  5. Paste

You describe a in the previous comment, but I'm not sure I understand your instructions

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I believe this is describing a problem that I have encountered a few times: an extra bar line part way in a measure. This is often accompanied by extra beats in the previous bar.

I copy the desiered notes, paste to a new set of measures and delete the offending bar by selectin on either side of it and deleting those bars.

I have not been able to identify what I am doing that causes this.

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