Mixer only plays one instrument for all voices

• Mar 18, 2009 - 16:24

I have a cello solo line and then a two line piano part written. In the Mixer it shows the selection of instruments for both the cello line and the two staff piano part. What ever instrument I select for the piano part plays the cello part as well. I can't get
a cello on the first line and piano on the other two. if I put cello in the piano lines all three lines play cello. I've been reading that the mixer is not completed yet-- maybe this is a work in progress..

LisaJo Borchers


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I have read sound font and downloaded the one that seems to work for Linux. I have looked in the Edit menu under preferences and made sure that it was selcted. I can hear Cello-- or any other instrument, I just can't get different instruments to play while the one selected is playing.

Thanks for your help-- any other suggestions would be welcomE
LisaJo Borchers

I guess I misunderstood your question. What do you mean by "I just can't get different instruments to play while the one selected is playing"?

Maybe you are trying to change the sound for an instrument that is already on your score?

I encountered the same problem (when using the default piano.SF) -- I'm a new user. I downloaded Union.SF and after setting it up on preferences and quit and reload MuseScore, I can hear all the voices.

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As I continue testing on my 2nd day (latest prerelease r1667), I found out I have to workaround by going to File > Parts, New, select all instruments, create part, click the tab for this new part, and then the SoundFont are initialized for use. The Unison.sf2 was balanced, but the MagicSFver2.sf2 was not -- I have opposite problem from you - the violin is too loud. I wonder if our problems are related in some ways though...

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