Error Message when starting up MuseScore

• Mar 17, 2009 - 15:23

Attached (I hope) is a screen print of error I get every time when starting up MuseScore. I KNOW I did something to cause this, but don't know what it is. It started when I was working with SoundFonts. Nothing weird happens when running the MuseScore, and this error started showing up before I ever encountered the 1st measure playback problem.

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Did you configure a soundfont as a startup score ("start with score" in preferences)? Looks like mscore tries to interpret a binary soundfont as an xml mscore file which obviously fails.

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How do you configure a soundfont as a startup score? I set my Edit>Preferences>General to "continue last session" so I can go directly to the last score I was working with and in the same place. Let's see, "start with score" defaults to demo.msc. I just now tried changing to "start with score" and the same error cropped up before I clicked OK and it opened to the default demo. So I've changed it back to "continue last session". I wish I could remember what I had done when this first happened. Any other ideas about what should I try to fix this? I suppose sooner or later this error might cause me some problems? Thanks.

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I fixed it. Decided there must be corruption in the soundfont file, so deleted it. Re-downloaded it, decompressed it, then moved it as instructed in the handbook, and now all is well. I do think that what I had done was to move it after it was already selected in the I/O tab under Preferences. Therefore, the path wasn't right. When I started on a new piece, it wouldn't even show up, so I knew that I had moved it later and messed it up. Works fine now, with no more error message at startup. Thanks for all your input.

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