Voices stem directions NOT automatic - 0.9.4

• Mar 14, 2009 - 19:54

My barbershop quartet score has four voices in two staves. The stems of the Tenor/Lead two voices on the top (octava bassa treble) staff came in perfectly split. But when I went to add the Bass voice as voice 2 on the Bari/Bass staff, the whole song came in with the stems downward.

I see in the handbook that in version 0.9.3, "x" flips the stems for multi-voices. I am doing that as a workaround, but I just wanted to report that the stems on my bass staff didn't flip correctly. I am attaching the score, in which I have flipped the stems of the baritone part on the first two lines.


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I can't re-produce it unfortunately, but I imported the attached midi that was created in Myriad's Melody Assistant. Then I added a piano instrument, which gave me two staffs at the bottom. I copied the Tenor to the top staff and the Baritone to the bottom staff. Then since there is not yet a way to combine multiplie voices, I entered the Lead part below the Tenor (1st Tenor) and the Bass part below the Baritone. The Baritone parts didn't flip. However, when I tried it just now with the latest build 1619, it worked fine. So who knows?

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I read your attempts here: http://tomsthird.blogspot.com/2009/03/free-libre-music-notation-softwar…
A pity Melody assistant does not have musicXML export capability, because you would have better results using MusicXML than MIDI to share music notation between softwares. A friend of mine has Harmony Assistant. HA can read myriad format and save to musicXML. If you want me to export to musicXML, please contact me or attach your myriad file.

MusicXML is for sure the better way to share music notation. MIDI does not have any "notes" or "measure" concepts. MusicXML has. Lilypond format is a typesetting format, very versatile for editing scores in notepad, user friendly language but not easy to parse by a computer. MusicXML is xml and so easy to parse.

MusicXML import/export in MuseScore is still in development, but your musical data should be safe and you will not have the voice/staff problem you mentioned here : http://musescore.org/en/node/1106
because voices should be kept. You may experiment layout problem but solving them with Musescore will be easy.

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I can't tell you how helpful your comments and discussion are. They really give me some stuff to chew on. By the way, how in the world did you get to my attempts at my blog? Did I link them somewhere?

By the way, I will be embarrassed if I find Melody Assistant can write to MusicXML. I'll report back. After all, "It's the data, buddy!"


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