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• Mar 12, 2009 - 21:15

Hi Folks,
In the Play Panel, I am having a deuce of a time trying to set 1. the tempo markings and 2. the start point for a playback.
Can anyone advise.

I seem to get the settings I want to stick intermittantly, but I cannot understand how to do it everytime.

For example, I start playback and set a new MM and volume. I play, stop. restart - it starts back where I initially was with the old MM. I have tried many times to set the bar using the slider but it seems to have an effect only occassionally. A window where you could enter the bar you want seems to me to be prefferable.

At any rate, can some one help me?



The tempo setting in the Play Panel are temporary and not designed to "stick" of be saved with a particular score. If you want a permanent tempo setting for a particular score add tempo text as described in the handbook (see Tempo ).

With regards to the start point for playback it looks like you have come across a bug with the slider position. Sometimes the slider appears at the start when the current playback position is somewhere else. Until this is fixed use rewind button on the toolbar or play panel to start at the beginning. It works every time.

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Hello David.

I am still having trouble. Sometimes it works, other times not.

these are the steps I've trid.

1. reload
2. Go to the note I want, making sure I am not in note entry mode.
3. Go to the toolbar at the top of the page.
4. Press play - nothing.
5. Press play again, it then starts at some other place where I stopped before.

I went through these steps yesterday, and it seemed to work, if i fisrt reset the whole play apparatus to bar one and then went to the note I wanted, but today, no joy.

Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you.

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