• Mar 4, 2009 - 15:48

XP SP3 9.5 r1598

When I add the claves to a piece, the note is deposited and then the cursor returns to the beginning of the piece.


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See the drum notation instructions I added yesterday for Doink1212. It is kind of confusing right now since the drum palette doesn't work like other palettes. Instead it works like the Note Input toolbar. Click on an item in the drum palette (such as snare) and then click on the staff.

Drum notation in MuseScore is still a work in progress. Version 0.9.4 is the first to support input via mouse. Hopefully future versions will more stable and easier to use.

I am running 0.9.5 r1598 on Ubuntu

When I added the Claves to my percussion piece it would not input notes. While in note edit mode, any combination or type of notes would not be placed onto the score on, below or above the claves line. I ran into the same issue on the cymbals, so i am willing to bet it is probably everything with the drum line.

I went in the properties menus and tried fixing things but to no avail.

When I tried to input notes the way you, and the handbook described on version .9.5 r 1598 I got a program crash and submitted the report
(this time I was using Win XP)

It would be much easier if drum input was the same as normal staff input, just automatically put drum heads on the notes, and even then that isn't needed, as drummer are used to all kinds of notation. I just want to put notes into the staff and note need to learn a new system. I know there is probably some code based obstruction to this, but it would make life simpler, especially in the cases of single line percussion (cymbals, claves, snare, etc).

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Do you remember the steps that caused the crash? If so please report them on the forum. The crash report are actually a Windows feature. The submissions in this case do not contain any useful information and actually go to Microsoft instead of the MuseScore development team.

I agree that drum input would be much easier if it was the same as normal staff input.

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