Beaming in compound time

• Feb 20, 2009 - 19:09

I'm writing a tune in 6/8 time, but the Automatic Beaming function doesn't seem to take this into account. When I try to use the Beaming Tool in the drop-down palette, I can't get a conventional group of 3 quavers (eighth notes). It will only group 2 quavers, leaving the 3rd one unattached. I'm using v.9 on Ubuntu linux. (If this has been fixed in v.0.9.4, can you tell me how to install it, as the browser installer tells me it's already installed.)


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Sorry, I followed your link but have no idea what to do or what lines you refer to. And I would like to update to a stable version please.
Whatever I do it tells me I have the latest version. (There is another request for help in installing version 0.9.4. from 14th Feb.)

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