Accidentals to ornaments

• Feb 20, 2009 - 11:24

I love using MuseScore 9.4, and have figured out how to make turns and trills play as written by adding in the notes as it should be played, making those invisable, then adding a symbols to make it print correctly. There is just one problem: sometimes the symbol for an ornament will require that a small accidental or two be included in the symbol. With trills, these should be above the tr sign, and with turns, they could be above, below, or both. Looking in the symbol menu, and accidental menu, there is not an accidental of a smaller size that could be attached to the ornament, and the larger ones always snap to the note and cannot be moved. :-(

Is there a way to make these symbols look correct


Well I thought I had a pretty good solution of writing out ornaments as real notes, making them invisible, and then fixing the remaining notes to look right, but that just brought up another problem--When I save, close then reopen the score, the note heads stay invisible, but the tie, stems, flags (I couldn't get beams to go invisible at all, so I separated them) and the tuplet bracket all reverted back to being visible. Why?! :-( Does anyone have a solution to this? I've included a sample file I made using 0.9.4 rev 1354 with windows xp.

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I did some more playing around with it and I can get the stems, flags, and tuplet brackets to go away using the note properties box, But those ties are still persistent. Similarly, I sometimes want to place an invisible begin repeat sign at the beginning of a piece in order to play volta correctly, but they too return to visibility once the file is closed and reopened.

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