Unable to tie to tuplets

• Feb 18, 2009 - 19:46

Using MuseScore 0.9.4 on Windows XP, I am unable to tie a note to the first note of a quintuplet. I am able to tie to any of the normal notes (16ths or 8ths) but not to odd divisions. These are very useful for playing back turns and other ornaments. I've included a short example.

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tuplet tie bug example.mscz 2.29 KB


Funny, i never tried this and did not expect it to work but it did! I selected the first note and pressed the "+" icon to create the tie. Playback was also ok.

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D'oh! You're right, I was selecting the 2nd note and pressing +. and not getting it to work, I guess because the note after it isn't the same pitch. Still I wonder why I can enter ties to other notes by pressing the + when selecting the type of 2nd note, but on a tuplet it must be done differently. Quirky, but I can work around it easily enough.

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