No play panel, no midi, no movement - Ubuntu 0.9.4

• Feb 16, 2009 - 17:00

Suddenly I have no play panel.... it is shown ticked but its not there. I tried the procedure for the known play panel bug in the handbook (which should not apply to this version I guess) with no success.

Using the menu bar play buttons does not work either.

No sound, No movement.

I reinstalled Musescore after a complete removal and reboot.
Same problem.

If there is a config file somewhere that has stuck about and is causing this issue where would I find in in my Ubuntu filesystem ?

All I want to do is reinstall Musescore so it works as it did from day one.



When is the next Ubuntu build due....

I have uninstalled 0.9.4 .... when I reinstall it I get the same errors.

Odd that it used to work though ....

I am asking help on the Ubuntu forums as well just in case it is my lack of Linux skill. I got this reply...

"Oh, and this is the error output I get:
Suspending PulseAudio
Alsa_driver: the interface doesn't support mmap-based access.
init ALSA audio driver failed
no ALSA audio found
sequencer init failed
Couldn't resolve property: 2
Couldn't resolve property: 2
Couldn't resolve property: 2

This is unusual because I'm fairly sure every other app using ALSA works fine on my system through the alsa-pulseaudio compatibility package.

Edit: And for the record it attempts to suspend PulseAudio whether it is running or not. I would say this is probably dumb/broken behavior on the application's part."

Thats what the above user found... but..
I have Pulse fully disabled anyway.... I had to to get my 24bit card to work for any audio at all. so I dont think my issue is with pulse.
I think its loading or failing to load the soundfont maybe ?

Im happy to wait for the next build .... I dont know how to compile early releases myself though.

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I went into preferences

Enabled 'Continue last session'

Restarted musescore..... Last session loaded but have lost MIDI and Playpanel has gone.

I/o appears untouched...and points to soundfont.

Broken again as in 0.9.4

What have I done and how do I fix it.


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