When midi is not available - MuseScore crashes

• Feb 13, 2009 - 18:30

Windows XP (all the latest service packs) ,
emagic AMT8 USB.

When the midi interface is installed but not plugged in, MuseScore crashes every time on inserting a new note with a mouse ( if the midi input button is on).

Suggested solution: when midi driver is not responding, MuseScore would ask the user to turn on the interface or would switch off the midi out button.


It is Windows XP, with all available updates, and AMT 8 is installed (present in the system) as USB, but is unplugged.

MuseScore crashes every time when you try to insert new notes with a mouse, while MIDI input button in the main window is ON. It seems it tries to locate the interface, but fails to manage the exception.

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