Crash after creating part

• Feb 13, 2009 - 14:08

Getting along fine with Musescore 0.9.4

on Ubuntu 8.10 64bit 2 gig ram


I created a quintet with 4 brass and one tympani stave.

I can create a part out of any of the 5 staves
When I then click on the top stave part tab I successfully see the part
When I click on the tab for any of the other 4 parts Musescore is booted out of memory.

So as a workaround I attempted to remove the other staves for each part ... after clicking the OK button after removing staves Musescore is again booted out of memory.

I tried the MSCZ file on a different installation of 0.9.4 on a XP machine and windows generates the 'performed an illegal operation' message before quiting.

I can provide the MSCZ file for assessment... I am assuming there is something in the score file that is throwing Musescore.
I have not had this problem with other scores.

Odly.... with the problem file I can create and view any combination of parts..... ie. two instruments to a part ....not single parts though

?? any ideas.



Would anyone in the Musescore dev team like the MSCZ file that will crash Musescore Ubuntu and XP ?

Its a pink floyd arrangement :).....

Simply load it
create parts
Try to view the parts

The last thing I did was to add dynamics and hairpins throughout the score.. One I thought it was finished I tried to print out the parts.....


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Hi Werner,

I can confirm this bug. I've made a 10 stave score where I'm trying to separate out the parts. The first part I created worked fine, was saved and can be reopened. However all attempts to make parts following this have caused MuseScore to crash.
I'm running 0.9.4 on Windows Vista. Drop me an email if you'd like to look at this file too.

And thank you very very much for creating a fantastic, really USEFUL program!

Best wishes

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Oh.... a 10 stave score.... I'll just have so go and create me an 11 stave one now ;) [joke]

I just installed 0.9.5 / ibex through synaptic.
I had selected the fully remove option for 0.9.4 through synaptic prior.

same bug.... but,

Now both the floyd and sparks quartet files cause the same part creation crash.

I had successfully printed out the sparks file parts on 0.9.4 ...
0.9.5 causes the bug in the sparks file as well now.

If you think the sparks file may have changed in any way since the last file I sent you I can re send.... I am however quite sure that I have not edited it in any way..... I will have loaded it several times since but no further work has been done to the file.

hope this helps.

I can confirm the crash after creating a part from a brass quintet score. The first part was created and was accessible. From then on, every time I would try to access a part that was created it MuseScore would crash. This is under Vista.

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