Wont Play All Instrument Voices

• Jan 27, 2009 - 15:02

Hi. I just downloaded MuseScore and I downloaded a midi file to play in the program. The score Im trying to play has many instruments but MuseScore will only play back the piano. Any Ideas of what I can do. I am running Windows XP


I have a similar issue. I have loaded the MuseScore .9.4 revision 1452 onto an SD card. When I run the program in Windows XP it starts up and works fine. It loads the following soundfont: :/data/piano1.sf2 and when doing play back it will only play the top staff. In the case of demo it plays both because they are linked, but I am working on vocal music, solo I only get the top staff in each file with playback (normally the solo)

I tried uploading the Fluid G3 soundfont but that just caused a system crash, probably because I am still on windows.

Note: I am very excited that I have it portable on an SD card. With plenty of space to spare, I might add.

I found the error was the Windows XP default soundfont. Run a search on your computer for a different existing soundfont.
Search C:\ for "*.sf2" or download one recommended from the handbook. I found the first option was much easier. Plus now I have a 2 MB soundfont that fits easily on my SD card with Muse Score, and all of my project data.

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