• May 29, 2024 - 19:04

My score plays back almost perfectly. (Certainly better than it would have in Crescendo), except for one measure. When the cursor hits that measure, no sound comes out, and it picks up again in the following measure. Is there a "mute" setting that I could have accidentally toggled on for just that measure?


Aw... never mind. I fixed it. I just don't know how. I inserted a measure before the offending one, and put the same notes into it. Playback for that measure worked fine, but then it kept going to the old measure, and played that one back fine as well. So I deleted the new measure, and the old one played back great.

Makes about as much sense as the old "Turn it off and back on again" but who cares if it works.

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I would say that this makes a lot more sense than "turn it off and back on again" (which, actually, makes quite a bit of sense :-).

Given your description, there was some kind of code in that measure that was invisible and affected playback. Removing the measure and replacing it with a duplicate presumably removed that code. Makes perfect sense.

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