Bends in 4.2

• Jan 14, 2024 - 20:37

I cannot adjust bends ever since the update. I do not understand how to change 1/4 bends to 1/2, full, etc. The grid (in "Properties") that I usually used prior to the update does not make the adjustments that it once did.

I cannot do bend and releases at all either.


In the bend properties, I found that I can only move the first "dot" horizontally. I cannot add or remove dots or change any other dot positions. Also, when I add a full bend to one note and then add a second bend to the next note, it attaches the second bend to the end of the first bend and not to the second note. I've added a third bend to a third note and it does a release to the bend. I have 3 notes in a row and want 3 distinct bends (one for each note) but it appears to be adding the bends together to form a "super" bend.

I don't think you can modifie the lenght of the 1/4 bends, only their duration. If you want to do that use the bend between the pre bend and the 1/4

Another bug with MS 4.2.1 bends:
If notes that use the bend functionality are tied across barlines, the sound abruptly cuts off at the barline. In MS 3.2-3.6 these sounds would persist for their alotted time (however it would cause all voices to bend)

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This Github discussion suggests that the issue was fixed, at least partially.

Here's another link on the topic

@Steve Lehto > Is the current workaround to regress to a 3.x version?

Are you asking if it's possible to open a MS4 score in MS3? If so, yes ... in MS Evolution 3.7.

If you're asking if you can run a version of MS3 along side MS4 ... Yes, you can.


I am having the same issues in 4.3. The only time a bend is customizable is with the "grace note bend" but that is not what I want. I simply want a half step bend. The "slight bend" only allows a quarter step. This all seemed to work fine in MuseScore 3. For working on guitar tab, this makes MuseScore 4 practically unusable.

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Negative. The "slight bend", the "full bend", and the "grace note bend" are all customizable in time and playback normally. The "pre-bend" is customizable, but does not playback. The "slight bend" will only bend by 1/4 and only up. The the "full bend" and the "grace note bend" can bend by any amount and either up or down, but not both.
To get, for example, a half-step bend up, enter the bottom note and then the top note and "join" the notes with the bend. Click the first, Ctrl+click the second, then click the "Full bend" button in the Guitar palette.
If you want a "bend and release" you need three notes: starting note, up note, ending note. "Join" the first and second with a "Full bend", then join the second and third with another "Full bend".
For a pre-bend, enter up note and ending note and "join" then with a "Full bend".

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