Repeats not playing like normal after Da Capo

• Apr 26, 2024 - 11:18

My piece ends with a D.C., indicating a return to the beginning. In the inspector, under "Jump", the box "Play repeats" is checked.

When I playback the piece from the beginning, it plays through once correctly; when it reaches the D.C. for the first time, it plays through a second time from the start as intended, doing the jumps and repeats correctly. But when it reaches the D.C. for the second time, it plays back from the point shown on the screenshot, and stops the playback where indicated.

Is this a bug or am I making a mistake in notation? How can I fix it (if it can be fixed)?

Thank you.

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I suppose you will have to remove the repeat barline at the end or add a repeat barline at the beginning.
But for more help you should attach the .mscz file.

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Your guess is probably exactly the reason. It's not the second reaching of D.C., it's the repeated barline at the last measure. There is no equivalent for the beginning of a repeat. In any case, D.C. does not need such a barline; these are two different leap instructions.
I assume, however, that the piece should end when D.C. is reached for the second time.

A repeat barline at the beginning is not possible, as this would lead to a nested repeat, which is not possible.

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