Unable to properly transpose key 1/2 fret higher (from F#m to Gm), Windows 10, 64 bit

• Apr 24, 2024 - 07:01

My Musesecore version, Rev d757433
Instrument guitar

I have selected the measures that require key 1/2 fret higher. I did that by clicking on the first note and holding down the SHIFT key and clicked on the last note.

I am not able to include the key signatures when selecting the measures. Why am I not able to select including the key signatures?

The steps I took:

1) Tools|Transpose and selected:

to transpose chromatically

transpose key signatures

transpose chord symbols

I was able to change the chord symbols and notes 1/2 fret higher but the key signature has not changed. I would like the key signature to simultaneously reflect change from F#m to Gm.

What am I doing wrong so that the key signatures can change automatically?


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all i want to do is change the selected bars including notes, guitar chords, and key signature from F#m to Gm automatically.

I was able to accomplish notes and guitar chords going up by 1/2 fret (semitone as someone pointed out) but the key signature had not changed.

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thank u for the video. however in my case when i change the key, notes and chords change properly however my signature remains the same.

when i select the measures i am not able to include the key signatures in the selection, and maybe that is the reason why my key signature remain the same. Any idea why i am not able to select key signatures together the the measures?

1/2 a fret is not a thing. 1 fret would be a semitone, (1/2 a tone), G is a semitone higher than F#, so 1 fret...

Whatever: tablature staves don't have/show a key signature, only normal staves do

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"Half tone", yes. "Half fret", no. "Half tone" = one whole fret. "Fret" refers to one space on a fretted instrument, e.g., a guitar. You cannot move a finger by half a fret. It simply has no meaning.
I suspect you've misheard what others have said. :-)

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hello TheHutch

Thank u for your comment.
I now understand in English usage one fret on guitar means one space on figerboard.

In Japan when we want to move one fret on guitar, we use the term half a note (i mistakenly used the word half a fret). Thank u again for pointing this out.

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Do you mean frets that do not cross the entire fingerboard? Or frets at quarter-tones rather than half-tones. I'm aware of both.

However, either way the "fret" is a whole thing. You can't move your finger up or down the string and change the note. (The way you can with a fiddle or other non-fretted instrument.)

Yes, you can move your finger across the fingerboard to change the note: that is, you can bend it. But the metal piece ... and the space behind it is one whole thing. Even if it is set to play quarter-tones.

Edit: ... and yes, he's being a pedantic asshole :-D

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