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• Apr 23, 2024 - 09:24

I have a song with 5 verses. Verses 1-4 with a repeat mark and then v5 concludes the piece. (see attached screenshots.) But I'm confused with how to format the Volta and playback. I've gone on to bar properties and adjusted the play count to 4, but when it reaches v 4 it doesn't play that bar, nor the Volta v5 bar, and then the sound simply stops. It recognises and plays repeats, but doesn't seem to recognise the Volta bars. Can anyone help? I may have wrongly configured the Volta properties and/or bar properties playback. I hope this is clear to understand. Thank you.

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I opened your attached mscz file (5. Autumn's Grace copy 2.mscz, 10:39) in MuS 3.7. There I see this:
but not in your screenshots. That was the difference I had noted.
But there seem to be places in your score that are misinterpreted by my version 3.7.
If I delete these formatting characters
which are not present in MuS 3, then it works and the end repeat bar line is where it should be. Strange ...
Sorry for the confusion, I've never had this problem before.

Still, it should work in MuS 4 if you change the play count value of the first volta to 5.

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Many thanks for your reply. However the problem persists even when changing the play count to 5.
I think there must be a bug in the system somewhere causing these playback issues (ie bar 24 just goes silent after v4 and the playback then stops), but I do appreciate your trying to help.

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Ok, I'm attaching the MuS 3.7 file where I deleted all these formatting things.

It seems that around measure 10 ... 11 there was/is a problem. There was an unexplained pause in your original during playback. It should be gone in the attached file.

However, I've just seen that you only have four text verses in the lyrics, not five! Then the second variant would be the correct one, which I have also attached.

Try those, I hope the problem is gone then ...

Since your score is not complete, append additional measures and copy and paste the remaining notes in mine.

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