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• Apr 22, 2024 - 19:30

Please go over my account I already paid 1 year for Pro vers, plus lately. Paid for PRO+,

I get charged few times from pro to pro+ like a yoyo,., plus I get to find out I got cancel subscription ,i saw from my email a amount of 44,00$. Something going through my bank account,, this kind of messy managing always happens, I subscribed. I cancelled , I'm with pro, I'm not anymore with pro , I paid few Times pro+. ., I don't see pro+.

Don't get back to me for more details or explanation , I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON AND HOW THIS HAPPENED,,, one thing I know I can't afford to get charged few times,, I'm stressed, worry,and can't stop you ,the way you're managing my subscription is horrible,,,I don't have access like you can to the administration, I don't know what to do, to think to say about all this but one thing I know is when I looked at my bank account I see a lot of -$. -$ when I looked at my Google Play store I see -$ ,

so you must end this bordela and refund the different Amount from my Bank transactions,, find out what is canceled,charged,add ,

This is all I can say , I wish I could tell you more about the account, subscription, payment,, I'm not PayPal,I'm not Google Play store,,I'm not musescore,.I'm just lost, about all this .

1st you must AND STOP THE NEXT APRIL 2024 TRANSACTION of 40$,, something , PUTTING BACK MY PAID SUGGESTION AS I RECALL PRO+ and going through all payments done to see what your must refund and once all this Will finally get back to normal and STABLE ,

Andrew l Taylor

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I'm not The administrator and you keep charging from my bank account who by the way needs some refund since I still can't see,, log-in,,, get,, whatever the pro+ plus is still not registered I'm still registered with pro nothing else I did what you said to log in with this address and stil once in I get The Pro not the Pro+ that you keep charging without the pro+ subscription and also The link to log-in to pro+ you had sent from The last email once I get to the main site page won't Go further ,,I'm not an expert but there is a problem that cost me money,,so 1st review all payments done for pro+ that must be refunded and send a clear email without to many things but the strict minimum to get once for all in this pro+ and get done with this.

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And none of that has anything to do with this webpage. You are simply complaining/explaining in the wrong place. No one here at has charged you anything and we have no control over what someone else at another webpage (namely, does.

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