Help with finding corruption in MuseScore 4 file

• Apr 22, 2024 - 06:22

I'm pretty sure there is a corruption in the file, as the playback does not start when I click play, with the cursor just flickering for a while. I also cannot export it as an mp3, but can export it as anything else. Can anyone help me find where the corruption is, or help guide me how to find it?

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Liebestraum.mscz 636.01 KB


The file can be opened and played with MuS 3.7 without any problems.

Perhaps there are errors in one of the parts. There is a reset function in the parts which restores synchronization with the score.

Or: I have deleted all parts from the mscz archive (zip) and attached the file here. Does this file run without problems?
You can recreate the parts again ...

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Liebestraum.mscz 170.53 KB

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