Can I control what happens to lyrics when imploding two staves?

• Apr 22, 2024 - 09:25

I am using Musescore to set out the score for an arrangement written for four voices (womens barbershop).
[I haven't composed or arranged the piece but have purchased it and want to have it in Musescore so I can add breath marks, notes for singers and create a version that's clearer for them to read]
I have inputted it on four staves, one for each part, and outputted an 'all parts' version and one for each of the four parts. This has worked well, but the all parts version is very long.
I would like to output a version which includes all four parts but only on two staves, i.e. two parts on each.
To do this I have changed parts 1 and 3 to 'voice 2', and then I used the implode function to put parts 1 and 2 onto one stave, and parts 3 and 4 onto the other.
Musescore has displayed both sets of lyrics below the stave and this means they are on top of each other and therefore difficult to read, in some places impossible.
Is there a way to display lyrics for one voice above and the other below?
In case it is helpful I will attach my file.
Thank you :-)

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Shine HL imploded.mscz 74.86 KB


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