Custom Palettes

• Apr 20, 2024 - 18:27

After creating a custom palette, I'm asked if I want to save it. I do, but where? I don't see/can't find a Palettes folder.


Additional questions: After reading a few google hits, it seems that the custom palette is saved when you save the document. (OK, but why is there a command to Save Palette...?)

I created a palette with the entries all in Times New Roman, 12 fixed (Follow Staff Size unchecked), bold. When I opened another doc, my custom palette was there. Fine. But when I inserted one of those text slugs, it was wrong. Properties showed it as Edwin, 12 bold, Follow Staff Size CHECKED. Why did it change my font and size specification?

You shouldn’t be asked anything unless you choose to save it. Palettes save automatically as part of your workspace. Do be careful not to have multiple instances of MuseScore open when doing customizations like this, or they can overwrite each other.

If you do choose to save your palette separate from the normal default automatic saving, you can save anywhere you like. That’s just for your own use as backup or to transfer to another computer.

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