Merging sheets

• Apr 20, 2024 - 14:11

I can't find how to combine 2 different sheets, it would be much better to enable merging sheets


I have been waiting to acquire a new Mac in order to be able to use MuseScore 4. I have now got the machine, but I have been very disappointed to find that the album facility has not (yet?) been incorporated in version 4. I regularly produce dance-set sheet music for Scottish dancing, which typically involves combining four or so tunes. Each tune is held as a separate score (because tunes can be combined one way and then recombined another). To combine them in a single MuseScore score I have to copy and paste from the single tune scores to the combined one. There are various snags in practice. Copy and paste deals only with the notation (notes, chord symbols) but not with the key and time signatures or with the repeat lines and barlines. One has to be careful with partial bars to set up an empty bar with the right number of beats in order to copy correctly. Heading/title frames have to be separately edited. One can get quite fast at it, but it was much smoother with the album feature!

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