Not receiving invoice receipts from payments

• Apr 15, 2024 - 12:30

Hey guys,

I've been upgrading my membership and paying money for it, but when I log into my musescore, it shows the date of the billing but the cost is $0.00? I am also not receiving any email confirmations of my payments... I can see from my paypal end that I have indeed paid for the upgrades but nothing is showing up on musescore. I need the receipts for work and I dont know how to contact Musescore to resolve this issue.



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Appreciate all the links! Yes, I was on and was in my profile looking at the billing history page but unfortunately the total of every billing is coming up as $0.00 even though I can clearly see through my bank history and paypal history that I have paid money for the upgrades... I have contacted the support email so I hope they can help me resolve this.

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