Courtesy key and time sig

• Apr 19, 2024 - 03:11

Courtesy key and time sig should be unchecked by default.
I've never seen these in 30 years of education or professional work


I guess usage of courtesy key and time signature may depend on which musical genre is involved?

In the original design of MuseScore, the developers tried to follow the guidance in Elaine Gould's notation handbook "Behind Bars".
Here is a relevant extract from page 152 of Behind Bars :

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Looking at a random sample of published music from IMSLP and examples in my own library shows that the use of courtesy key signatures and clefs is by far the most common case. It would surely be wrong to not have display of courtesy elements as the default.

Users can set their own preferred style in Format>Style>Page and use that style as their own personal default by saving a style file and specifying that file in Edit>Preferences>Score. They can even specify different styles for full score and part.

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