Joindre plusieurs fichiers en un pour l'imprimerie

• Apr 18, 2024 - 19:42

J'ai un souci. J'ai plusieurs fichiers de chants que je veux faire éditer en format livre (A5). Mes fichiers en format pdf pose problème de clarté au niveau de l'imprimerie. Il y a t-il possibilité pour qu'à partir de musescore, j'aie la possibilité de mettre tous mes fichiers de chants ensemble en format livre en vue de procéder à leur impression dans une imprimerie?
J'espère que certaines personnes parmi vous en ont l'expérience et je compte sur vos conseils et orientations.
Jean Baptiste


Did you create these songs with MuseScore? Did you use File > Export > Pdf on them?
If so you could use e.g. PDFSaM to merge them together into one file, and then get that printed

(I've been doing the same with a songbook of some 400 pages, on A5 landscape)

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Hunh! That looks larger than the mental image I had of A5. Not nearly as small as I had thought. And yes, with simple songs like that, more than enough space.

[a few moments later]

And the hymnbook I have in front of me now is not a whole lot larger than that: ~160 x 225, but set in portrait. (That measurement is approximate because it's hardbound so I can't get a good measurement of the actual page size.)
Very odd! My mental image of this book (until I actually picked it up) was that it was about A4, about twice the size that it actually is.

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Oh yeah, I'm well aware of that. "A0" being ~ 1 square meter and each number higher cuts the previous page size in half.

I simply had a mental image of a) A5 being something on the order of an index card (and that being half of A4, a letter size page) and b) this book being about the size of A4, instead of only a little bigger than half that (or about A5).

My mental images are simply inaccurate ... wildly so :-)

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