Musescore 4 won't allow me to save scores

• Jul 21, 2023 - 02:52

I have been using Musescore 4 since it was in development and Ive had minimal issues other than the occasional notation bugs which could easily be fixed by simply relaunching the program. However in recent times my musescore has been acting up. Before it used to corrupt random files even if I didn't open them. This does not happen anymore but now a new issue has arisen, and that is that I cannot save progress on any score I have in musescore 4. I attached a screenshot for the error message. I have uninstalled musescore 4 and the musescore hub about 3 times already and the same issue keeps occuring. Please help.

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I too can no longer save files or export them, whereas it used to be possible. When you attempt to do it, no matter where on your computer you try to save it, it simply doesn't do anything. This is extremely annoying! Perhaps it's time to find a different software program that actually works!!!

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Where are you saving files?
Check in Edit>Preferences>Folders.
Can you save the above file?
Perhaps try a reset from the HELP tab.

As you know, if you just hit Save, the file will update to where ever it came from. Nothing changes on your screen. If you choose Save As, you will be asked for a title and save location.

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