Unexpected crashing & Data loss

• Apr 16, 2024 - 09:57
  • Windows 11 ( Latest version as of 16 April 2024 6:52 PM GMT+11 )
    • Musescore 4 ( latest version as of 16 April 2024 6:52 PM GMT+11 )
    • 8 external soundfonts ( all .sf2 )
    • 1 external plugin ( not from MuseHub )

For some reason when I try to save my work, MuseScore crashes.
And then reverts it to the last remembered version.
- which is basically when i created the score ):
It even does it when trying to publish a score to MuseScore.

The file is already lost into wherever it is
It's gone forever
It was 3 hours of thinking

And there goes 3 hours of work ):

  • Below is a score that used to be 4 bars long


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It will be difficult for us to replicate without your fonts. How and where are you trying to save your scores? My suggestion would be to try a "save as" to your hard drive.

Well, it was fixed
( kind of )

I don't use the Publish tab.
I use the File option on the top.
This is more efficient than just clicking Publish itself.
It's Publish, but hidden somewhere where it's more accessible

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