Playback rhythm incorrect

• Apr 10, 2024 - 21:58

Hi. At bar 88, the cello section part, which is unaccompanied, plays back incorrectly, anticipating some notes, such as the high A. Suggestions?

I'm using a MacBook Air with OS 13.1.

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I would still like to resolve the playback rhythm issue. I can clear it up by adding staccato markings, but I'd rather not need to do that.

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What I have done on occasion when staccato doesn't sound quite right is to make notes shorter. In your case, try making those three notes into 32nd notes. It also depends on what comes after this measure. Is this a solo measure? As someone who has never heard this piece before, I can't say I would have noticed it. But I know it will always be stuck in your head now. No matter what.

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What I hear is not so much inaccurate rhythm as there seems to be no rhythm. Just a blur at that tempo. Because of the way the font works (or doesn't work). This is one of those cases where you must decide between computer playback and real players.
Also, what happens after this measure?
I don't know of a way to correct note release for the string fonts. This has been a problem.

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Good luck. Ain't computers fun?
I go back to when paper was the only way to compose. I remember what a miracle it was to be able to hear my work as I wrote it with reasonable sounding playback of any kind.

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