Reason why Tableture staff works only with guitar?

• Apr 13, 2024 - 09:22

Hi everyone. After many hours of finally finding out why I can't change the tableture staff on anything but guitar I am left with questions why this is so?

Why aren't we simply able to change say piano to Tab6 tableture or any other staff type (or also known as notehead schemes) on say piano or change to Jianpu scheme. I haven't found the way how to do it just yet, but I'm still looking.


You can create a piano score with linked TAB but you can't press on the strings on a piano so there's no point programming that, really. If you want to copy piano music to a TAB you can add a TAB stave and copy and paste. Or, you can change the piano to a guitar and add a linked TAB stave. But, if you try to change the guitar back to a piano you will lose the TAB.

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