Problem with playback on website

• Apr 13, 2024 - 19:49

I recently uploaded a remastered version of one of my old arrangements onto the website. When it plays back, however, the right hand of the piano part cuts out as soon as the piccolo comes in. Can anyone fix this?

Just so we're clear, the MuseScore app plays this back just fine, except for not playing back accents. It's the WEBSITE (won't let me use italics) that won't play it back properly. I couldn't find where to post a bug report for the website itself, so I posted it here.

Here's the link so you can hear it yourself:
I also added the file itself to show that it's not the app that's the problem.

Please fix this. The issue persists when I upload it to YouTube, which is really a problem.


This forum is for users of the software and no one from the .COM website reads the posts. i had a look at your piece online but I don't have a PRO subscription so couldn't download it - and you did not attach a file, although you said that you did in your post.

Despite any suggestions or redirections from the .COM site, this isn't a helpdesk. - oops, I did italics.

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Interesting. In 4.2 it shows as just Velocity and increasing to the same as other notes it makes the notes as audible as them. The score was created in 4.2, so does this mean that 4.2 and 3.7 assign velocities differently or that 3.7 interprets 4.2 file's velocities differently?

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So if the default setting in MuS 3 is USER=0, everything is imported correctly into MuS 4 and every time USER has a non-zero value, it is interpreted as an absolute value? Strange!
Surely you can't keep putting off the problem until later? It was already mentioned as a ToDo for 4.0 and is now on the list for 4.4 ...

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