Parenthesis around articulations

• Feb 11, 2020 - 19:57

Is there a reason why parentheses cannot be put around articulations?

I might for example put parenthesis around a fermata to indicate that it is optional.
Would be nice to do this with the existing element available for accidentals, which would stick to the fermata.

If I use a text element I constantly have to re-adjust the position of it, whenever something changes to the score on that page.

But I might be missing something...


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That's the workaround I've come to appreciate. Thanks for the file to help explore what you did.

This is what was done:

1) Add Staff Text box.
2) Input parentheses.
3) Drag to place around articulation.
3) Adjust Font size to to match proportions.

To be clear, there is no input for parentheses directly in articulation, but this separate step adapts nicely.

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Instead of a staff text field, you can also select the note and add brackets from the accidentals palette (in MuS3 they are available there). Then drag them to the articulation.
However, both methods have a disadvantage: if you use the "Reset layout" function (Ctrl+R) once, they will be moved back to their original position.
It would be nice if one could attach these brackets to every element.

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This "issue" has been around for a long long time.

I think we all understand that there are several ways to work around this limitation.

The original question was:

Why can't we put parentheses around more items, such as articulations, or other ornaments?
Maybe there is a good reason for it?
Or maybe there was some historical reason for it, that no longer exists?

In the end it would be much nicer to extend a proper parentheses placement function to additional glyphs rather than using text elements.

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