How to add Intro Start/Stop brackets

• Apr 13, 2024 - 15:53

How do you add intro brackets (is "bracket the right word?") on a MuseScore score? The PDF shows the "black" beginning bracket on measure 1. I covered the ending bracket (measure 6) in green for emphasis.

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Add a simple line to the nearest note. You can drag its length. In the properties of the line, you can add a start or end hook and set the height. And you can change the line thickness.
But the length and position may be affected if you use layout reset (Ctrl+R).

Voltas is what you use and repeat barlines is what you need to add (along with adjusting the voltas' playlist and the end repeat measure' play count)

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Brilliant-this works so well:
a. Highlight bar
b. Repeats & Jumps
c. Select bar (left vert/top horn one)
d. Highlight newly created Volta and resize if necessary
e. Properties
f. Select “End hook” and adjust “Start hook height
g. Adjust “Thickness”
h. Select “Text” to remove defaulted “2”
i. Select “Appearance” and change color if desired

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> d. Highlight newly created Volta and resize if necessary
Do not use the mouse to change the size of a volta to cover more bars.
Better: select these bars beforehand and then apply the volta. Otherwise it would only be adjusted graphically, but would not play correctly.
You can only adjust a volta by taking a start or end handle and dragging it to the next bar using Shift + arrow key.

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