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• Apr 13, 2024 - 08:53

Please tell me, is there any cluster notation for keyboards currently in Musescore? Cowell_tone_clusters.png


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What's the use of these symbols? How can you use them to write what you need? They [these symbols from the SMuFL] are currently not adjustable in height or width. These are just symbols. I am in favor of the automatic placement of such symbols in MuseScore.

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"What's the use of these symbols? How can you use them to write what you need?"

See the comment from underquark earlier in this thread:
"You may have seen a score that looks like that but it's not cluster notation,
it's just pasting various symbols into position to give the appearance of cluster notation."

So the existing situation is that MuseScore has already implemented exactly what the SMuFL library provides to support the visual aspect of cluster notation (i.e. engraving). Don't expect any more than that: there will be no stretching of cluster symbols, and no playback of cluster notation.

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I gave the picture as an example of what I want to see in MuseScore, but so far it's not real.
The SMuFL library is available in almost every music editor. But it's one thing when it's just there, and quite another thing when the editor provides the correct standardized notation for each character from this library. We should be grateful to the MuseScore development team for doing a lot to get the notation right. That's exactly what I'm talking about. I don't quite understand your position. Based on your logic, one SMuFL library is enough to get something that is required. Well, then you don't need a music editor at all for this, you can create scores by writing painstaking code. When you open the score and enter some notes, you should understand that if it were not for the correct MuseScore notation algorithms, you would be tormented by manually adding and aligning each element from SMuFL.
I say the same thing about clusters. It is possible to implement automatic placement and correct notation without resorting to all sorts of workarounds, it just takes time and motivation. The symbols in SMuFL do not exist so that the user can independently dig through this entire library in search of the element he needs, but so that the software itself, using all these symbols, creates a convenient notation that is intuitive for user control. For the Finale, for example, there is a special plugin for the notation of such clusters. Снимок экрана (250).png

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