How To's (HT)--still a Novice

• Apr 13, 2024 - 00:33
  1. HT delete “2/4” from end of top row.
  2. HT make the five staff lines bolder, wider, etc.
  3. HT make notes larger
  4. HT change ending’s “Repeat & Jump” text: ie; first 99 to “1.-4.” (as in verses); second to “Final.”
  5. Is there (& where) the beginning and ending of an Intro (1/2 square—one horz line connected to vertical one on top of staff)
  6. I know how to move last measure to next staff; how to move first measure on second line up to end of first staff? (ie: how to move “death in-to” measure to top staff.
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1) "Courtesy" key signatures and time signatures are normally included at the end of the previous system when the key or time signature changes in the first measure of the next line. If you wish to remove it, go to Format / Style / Page and uncheck the "Create courtesy time signatures".

2) and 3) are scaling issues. I have not figured that out myself yet. Hopefully someone else can help? But the sizes are standard.

4) To change the text on the volta, without changing its behavior, select the volta itself (not the measure and not the notes in the measure). Then go to the Properties tab / Text tab to change the "Beginning text". You will also see the same "99" value on the Style tab. If you change that, it will change how the volta plays!
You probably need an end-repeat symbol in measure 6? And I'm guessing that your current measure 7 (with the whole note) is incorrect and needs to be deleted?

5) Don't know what you are referring to as the beginning and end of an intro. Your description does not match up with anything I've ever seen. I usually use System Text: "Intro" in measure one and "Verse" (or something?) immediately after whichever is the last measure in the Intro.

6) When I remove the system break character from the current end of the first system, the 2/4 measure moves to the first system. If it does not for you, use the Group Measures tool in the Layout palette.

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For the record, and because it's not necessarily intuitive (I stumbled over it the first few times when I was a novice too!): if you want to individually disable the courtesy time signature (this is the case in your sample score), you need to select the time signature at the start of the following system (measure 4), let's say the main time signature (and so not the courtesy itself...) and uncheck in the Properties": Show courtesy signature on previous system".

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  1. Brilliant (now I know what a "courtesy" means!!!!)
  2. Brilliant (now I know what a "volta" is!!!!)
  3. Steve gave me good advice to "only put one question at a time on a comment"; so I'll do this one again, separately--with more info.
  4. Brilliant. I didn't find a "Group Measures" tool on the "Layout" palette, but both the ;"System break" and "Keep measures on the same system" tools did the trick.

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