Paid $69 but don’t see it

• Mar 22, 2024 - 20:19

I’m obviously not computer forum etc savvy
I paid the $69 in the hope I could download master works of Bach Mozart etc then analyze the score AND HEAR EACH PART OR ANY COMBINATION of parts
Maybe even modify ( god forbid it ) for learning purposes

CAN this be done. Buy the score and hear it as midi. And hear each part solo or combinations of parts in midi. Within muse or even another daw??? what is the difference in higher priced options
I’m confused when I see an offer for $69!!
I need help


"I paid the $69 in the hope I could download master works of Bach Mozart etc"

That was probably not a good investment. Many works by classical composers are uploaded to as Public Domain scores, which means that they can be downloaded free of charge.

For example, all scores under the OpenScore label are in the public domain:
OpenScore Lieder:
OpenScore String Quartets:
OpenScore General:

And on you can also use the Filters to search for specific categories:
Status = Public Domain
Genre = Classical

Search on this web page:

Using those two filters will reveal that there are over 180,000 classical scores which are also published as Public Domain on and are therefore free to download.

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