How do I make a tuplet that spans a more specific duration?

• Apr 5, 2024 - 07:25

I wanted to make a quadruplet that would be played in the span of a quarter note plus a sixteenth note. When I select them both and either press Ctrl+4 or through the dropdown menu, it creates two separate quadruplets; one for the quarter note, and one for the sixteenth. How can I make a tuplet that covers this specific stretch of time? Also, how can I make a tuplet across two bars?


The key is to make a rest (or note) of the total duration of the tuplet and then turn it into a tuplet. Create a temporary bar of duration 5/16 and copy its whole bar rest to where you want a tuplet and then turn it into your tuplet.

As for a tuplet over a bar line, that depends on the exact requirements. Personally , I would make a longer bar rather than try to span two (where do you place the bar line)?

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A quarter plus a sixteenth has a duration equal to a double dotted quarter if my arithmetic is correct, so enter one of those and then use CTRL+3.

I'm not sure I would manage to sight read such a thing correctly, however; or manage to play the rhythm correctly even if I studied it to work out what the rhythm should be.

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