Problem inside exported MP3 audio file

• Apr 4, 2024 - 04:31

This is the second movement of my second symphony. It looks okay, not much of a problem with the notes or anything, however there is ALWAYS a problem with the MP3 each time I export it, in the EXACT SAME part every time. I exported

Every time I tried to export the MP3 file out, at bars 107, the audio has a bug. It starts to sound weird in those particular measures, and when I played the audio while I'm IN the project, it did not seem to have any problem. Only when I was trying to export the MP3 alongside a PDF file to share with my friends, there seemed to be a problem with the MP3 after I exported it, and I just noticed before I sent the MP3 to them.

I went into the project, deleted those bars, re-added them, and the problem still persisted within the audio file. I even tried to copy the specific part into a new score, and it continued to happen. The weird thing is that the rest of my score is exported fine (without any audio problems), only that part there is a problem with the audio. I spent several days writing this score and do not want to waste my time for nothing.

This is the audio file, because musescore won't let me upload it. This is the coda of the second movement. If you listen starting from 8 or 9 seconds, it starts to go crazy, then goes normal again. Someone please help!


At bar 107, your screenshot shows a (crescendo) hairpin:

Your attached score does not:
So not a valid comparison.

Also, your audio link appears to be of the ending volta.
Does bar 107 sound OK going to the first volta?

I used this excerpt to test, and it exported OK to mp3:
Symphony No. 2 in E minor - 2nd mvt - selection.mscz
I'm using MS Basic for playback.

Have you tried wav or flac for audio export, instead of mp3?
Try a different soundfont?

The only sound problem I hear in an mp3 I exported Is that volume continues to get softer up to 108. Score does not show this.
No sound cut out on my mp3, either.

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