Sostenuto Pedal Playback Alternative

• Mar 26, 2024 - 01:14

I'm fully confident that sostenuto pedal playback isn't implemented into MuseScore yet as it's not commonly used, but I want to use it in my next piano solo arrangement. What's a good alternative method I can use to mimic the sostenuto pedal playback?


Don't know if this will work, but it should:

1) Create the music for display in one staff. For the Sost.Ped. notation, do not use a normal pedal line. Instead, use a plain line and add the "Sost.Ped" text from the Symbols menu.
2) Create a duplicate staff and notate the notes as held notes rather than doing anything with pedal lines.
3) Set the first staff to be visible, but not to play. Set the second staff to not be visible, but to play.

This Stack Exchange article suggests that you should simply notate it as extended held notes, rather than doing anything with a special notation for the notes held with the sostenuto pedal.

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