Where is the exact default soundfont file in MS 3.62?

• Apr 1, 2024 - 17:18

Hi. I use MS 3.62 still because MS 4.2.1 has not yet added hairpin and dynamics volume editing. I use them extensively to fine tune the volume of a variety of instruments, above and beyond use of pre-set dynamics marks. When they do appear, I will switch to 4.2.1.

I have added about 10 separate soundfonts to my MS 3.62 default file. They work great and I have lots of newer and richer sf2 sounds to choose from. This morning, when I opened a score file I am working on, the default soundfonts were gone. In their place was the single Musescore-General.sf3 file. Nothing else. Nor were there any soundfonts in the soundfonts file, other than that one. I could not even resurrect the default file if I wanted to.

Somewhere I suspect my default file of yesterday is still in my Windows 10 machine, if I can find it. I'd like to check. I read that it has been saved somewhere in Windows 10. Could you please point out the exact path to where it is? Also, is there any way I can use the saved Musescore 3.62 folder I loaded on my portable Hard drive to recreate the default file? If not, I will uninstall everything, copy my backups to my active computer and try to reassemble the default file.



My sound files are located in ...\Documents\MuseScore3\Soundfonts. This folder is located next to the scores folder. If you have a backup copy of this folder, simply copy it to this location. Check which folder is set under "Settings -> General" or set it to the location where the sound fonts are located. You may need to add them again in the synthesizer.
The default file MuseScore_General.sf3 is located in the installation folder C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\Sound which is write protected.

If I remember, the default sf3 does not live in the MU3 Soundfonts folder. But rather in a hidden AppData folder.

You might run a search of your hard drive for the title of one of your Fonts.

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HildeK: That's it. That is what I am seeking. Thanks

Unfortunately, not knowing where it was, I overwrote it yesterday by trying to reassign soundfonts to the default menu that I previously used. I wish there was a way to resurrect the file from two days ago, but I cannot find an older copy. Synthesizer.xml had saved all my default soundfonts from a few days ago (I have at least 8 fonts saved but I don't remember them or their order). Do you know of a way to "undo" my new change to the file (there is no "undo" button)?

Separately, I have run into an intractable problem. Yesterday, Windows 10 synced my files with Overdrive and really messed with Windows. Somehow, my computer now refuses to assign the MuseScore 3.62.exe application with .mscz files. Whenever I click on one of my .mscz scores, it opens a menu asking what app I want to use to open the file (see image below). No matter how may times I navigate to the MS 3.62.exe file, it will open fine but will not remember the change. Next time I click on a score, it asks me again what app to use and I have to tell it. I've reinstalled Musescore 4 times and the fresh install does not fix the problem. I also tried to save a new score file, but when saved, the new saved file refuses to open until that menu appears above and asks me what app to use. Windows 10 also no longer shows a Musescore icon with the score files. They all look white and blank.


I suspect there is a text file somewhere in Windows 10 that assigns apps to file extensions. Do you know by chance where that file is? If so, and I open and edit it, maybe I can force Windows 10 to use MS.exe to open all .mscz files.

PS - I even uninstalled MS 4.2 but it did not change anything.

HELP again!!!!!

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> Do you know of a way to "undo" my new change to the file (there is no "undo" button)?
I'm not sure if Windows System Restore also revives files in this directory. Otherwise only if you have a full backup of the C disk.

The second point is a Windows problem. This association of mscz files with MuseScore is stored in the Windows registry.
I still use Win 7 and in such a case there is the possibility to set a check mark that in future mscz files should always be opened with MuseScore 4 (or 3). I don't see this in your picture, but click on 'More apps' to see if the checkbox doesn't appear. I would be surprised if this is not also present in Win 10.

Also, Windows System Restore will most likely solve the problem.

EDIT: Try a repair installation of MuS 3.

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HildeK: Well, the repair of Musescore 3 did nothing, but a full system restore did. Thanks so much for the suggestion. All is back to normal, except:
(1) the Synthesizer.xml file is still new from this morning, since it was edited late yesterday and no backup copy has ever been saved. I will have to reconstruct all the default soundfonts I used for many of my songs if I want to go to the effort, but I can do it. The problem is solved, less some extra work, but ... hey! Your suggestion worked! Hurrah!!!!

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