Scaling the exported PDF to make notes larger

• Mar 15, 2024 - 11:41

Hi, I'm interested in exporting parts for children and would like the note system to be scaled larger in the PDF. I know about the settings for enlarging the notes when rendered inside MuseScore, but these do not seem to affect the exported file. Is there a way to enlarge the export?


Of course do enlarged notes inside MuseScore export to PDF.
If you're stuck with a PDF you can still print that on larger paper and get the print dialog (of like Adobe Reader)
to enlarge it for you

When you export the score and the parts, you need to know that the parts have their own, independent settings from the format (page size, scaling).

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You set the scaling for parts in the same place as for the main score, in Format>Page settings. If you open that menu when you are looking at the main score you you can adjust the settings for the score and if you wish you can hit the Apply to all parts button to apply the same settings to all the parts. Alternatively you can look at an individual part and adjust the settings for that one part only, or after doing that you can apply those settings to all parts. This makes it easy to have one lot of settings for a main score (with small scaling so that you can get many instruments on one page) and another lot of settings for individual parts (larger scaling so that the players can read them easily).

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