Image duplication

• Apr 1, 2024 - 10:44

Somehow (I have no idea how) I have got a duplicate (or partial duplicate) image beneath the the first page in the attached score.

Before I tidy up the score can anyone suggest how I can get rid of the unwanted duplication and why it may have occurred.

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A fox went out on a chilly night.mscz 3.12 MB


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Thanks HildeK.

Followed your suggestion(s) and it has solved the problem. I still have no idea how the duplication came about (unless unintentionally I pressed a keyboard shortcut?). But it has gone away and I am now in possession of a useful "trick" should ever I encounter the occurrence again.

Brian A

Another small discovery: if you switch to the continuous view, you will see that there is an additional (unnecessary) key signature in bar 9. You can delete it.

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It is very likely that something like this must have happened.

And it is a bug in MuS 3.x and probably also in MuS 4, otherwise Brian A would not have had to ask.

If you take the image that is attached to the title frame and move it to page 2, for example - it is still clearly visible, it does not have to be outside - then you can no longer touch it and move it again! Ctrl+R doesn't work either.
It also happens if you insert a horizontal frame somewhere, attach an image to the frame and move the pic to another page. The image can no longer be selected and moved or deleted.

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