multiple iterations of Musescore

• Mar 26, 2024 - 16:59

In Musescore 3 I could open multiple files and even compare them side by side. In Version four, every time I open a new file I get a new icon in the dock and I have to search for the file I've already opened.

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If you scroll over those icons, do you not get a little pop up that shows you what the score is? Or doesn't Mac work that way?

This is a known and very irritating limitation of macOS, that it doesn't know to collapse icons and display document titles when there are multiple instances of a program running. The development team has been investigating workaround to this, but Apple hasn't made it easy, it seems. Meanwhile, I'd recommend Cmd+Tab as the easier way to cycle between your open documents. Regarding comparison, since they are separate windows, you can position them side by side (to the extent you can make the window narrow enough - one over the other is more likely, but also very effective).

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