corrupted file, is it unrepairable or still salvageable?

• Mar 26, 2024 - 01:36

I have been spending some time writing a piece, nothing much, but I recently found that all of them have been labeled as "ErrorCode=13" and after reading, I've learned that there is no way to fix it other than a few people. I can attach the file here (MS4) and hopefully, someone can help. Most of my other files had already been uploaded to the website, so I shouldn't have an issue there. (PS: This might also just be a PDF or something, I forgot, but this tends to be an issue from "scrolling the forum" research. Thanks!)

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I don't know what operating system you are using.
Normally this folder ".mscbackup" should be a subfolder of the place where your score is stored. Pay attention to the dot at the beginning of the name, it belongs to it.

On Windows there are these (standard) folders which may contain current or older versions of your score:


The "AppData" folder is also hidden. The files there may have cryptic or random names. And the file extension may not be "mscz", so you will need to change it.

Ask a search engine how to make hidden files and folders visible to your operating system.

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