musescore 4: play panel

• Dec 28, 2022 - 07:24

the playpanel is not available through view>> etc;
F11 is mapped to full screen.

How can I reset these as the factory reset etc doesnt change the settings.

Any help is appreciated,



System: Windows 10


I have the same issue with musescore 4 on Archlinux. In musescore 3, I could have found play panel from the menu view > play panel, or pressing F11. But in musescore 4, as bobdavact says, there is no way to access the playpanel.

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Aspects of MuseScore 3's Play Panel are now contained in MuseScore 4' Playback toolbar ... but some of those features are visible only when MS4's Playback Toolbar is undocked. When undocked the MS4 Playback Toolbar reveals the Left and Right flags and the Tempo slider. Worth noting: The undocked MS4 contains less features that MS3's play panel:

     • there's no master volume slider
     • there's no metronome volume control
     • and although there's a Tempo slider there's no field for specifying Tempo.

I thought the situation needed some clarity so I took a moment to expand on its terse description in the v4 Handbook.

This is MS4.2.1's docked Playback Toolbar:

         Playback Toolbar docked MS4.2.1.png

This is MS4.2.1's undocked Playback Toolbar.:

         Playback Toolbar undocked MS4.2.1.png

The difference is that the undocked Playback Toolbar includes Flags for the left and right edges of the loop, plus a Tempo slider (though no tempo field) and there's a wide positioning slider for setting the playback point, though it lacks synchronized feedback with score selection or cursor position.

For more information on the topic go here and search the page for Playback toolbar. You'll find my explanation about undocking/redocking it by dragging its six-dot handle.


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Hi JoJo - My apologies in advance if this is sort of a tangential way to bring this up but the Play Panel on a Linux ChromeBook (4.2.1 and previous versions) plops itself in the middle of the screen and is not draggable. To put it away, I need to use the "Reset to default layout" to zap it. I've asked about this here:
but nobody has ever commented. Am only I having this problem? Thank you kindly.

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