All notes being played multiple octaves above the written notes

• Mar 15, 2024 - 21:19

When I input a note, it is being played multiple octaves above the written note. I am in the correct Clef. This is happening regardless of which clef I change a line of music to. All notes are 2 octaves above what is supposed to be played.
I have pulled up older sheets of music that I have done and they are all playing the music 2 octaves above.


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"Musescore 4 has just been extremely buggy."
I really don't. There are issues, of course, as with any program, but no more than with other major versions of MuseScore (say, V3 and V2) at this stage of development.
1. Start by attaching a file where you observe this problem. Just to check on our side.
2. Read this:
That this is due to a sampling rate problem is entirely within the realm of possibility.

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