How to change metric of notes in Musescore 4

• Mar 4, 2024 - 02:53

Hi! I want to make 2 quavers equal to a triplet but with a quarter with a quaver inside of it.
I can't find how to do it un musescore 4.

If someone know's how to do it i would preciate it a lot! Thank you

I'll leave a capture to better ilustration :)

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Are you trying to recreate the symbol above the Reggeu tempo text? Or are you going to change all the notes in the piece to that triplet? Select a quarter rest and hit the Tupel button in the tool bar. Select triplet

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If you want to add the symbol you've encircled into a score, I'm not sure that's readily available in MuseScore 4.

But if you're really just after the affect, eighth note playback lilting in the manner depicted, select the first note in your score, then go to the Tempo palette click the Swing element. That should do it.

And most musicians should understand the "Swing" marking as a shorthand instruction for this type of rhythmic interpretation of eight notes.

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