Sound settings and musicXML import

• Mar 4, 2024 - 20:56

Congrats on the great progress of MuseScore in recent years!

I import a lot of musicXML files into MuseScore (now using MuseScore 4). It generally works very well, but I have a problem with the sound settings - for larger scores I most often need to adjust the instrument sounds in the mixer. My initial thought was that this could be fixed in the XML files themselves. But when I tried to import something created and exported directly from MuseScore and it still didn't work, I realized I needed a different approach.

My next idea was to work with templates with set sounds that I pasted the imported scores into. This seemed to work at first. But pretty quickly I run into some limitations with pasting large scores, especially with tuplets or time changes.

Do you have some tips for a better workflow while working with MusicXML files and sound settings?


I did a test and imported the musicXML file in MuseScore3 instead and then saved and opened in MuseScore4. And that seems to work much better. If nothing else that could be a way forward.

@PeterBjuhr are you implying there are sounds settings that MuseScore 3 imports from MusicXML but MuseScore 4 doesn't ? If so, could you provide details and preferably also example file ?

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I don't think you can directly compare the sound settings in 3 and 4. The sounds have overall greatly improved in 4. I'm only claiming that if you open the xml in ms3 first and save it as mscz file and then open that in ms4 the result is better than if you open the xml in ms4 directly.

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